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The One & Only #RiotDog: Diggs

Diggs loses a leg to cancer

The One & Only #RiotDog: Diggs

Day 5: On the bed!

March 22nd, 2018 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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I have to apologize for not posting more often but life beyond our Tripawd has been nothing short of crazy. We are moving 2 houses into 1 in a week. Pure chaos.

Diggs still can’t take the stairs but this morning he did climb into our bed, camped out a while, and then got himself down (with a minor whimper). I’m not holding him back from doing much right now. After the spleen removal, he’s not trying to do all that much at the moment anyway.

We had a bit of a terrifying moment on the night of Day 3. Amy and I were fast asleep until we were startled awake at 3:30am by Diggs, wailing like a banshee. It wasn’t a bark, it wasn’t a yelp. He was wailing. If a dog could scream, that is what Diggs was doing. It was terrifying. It took a few minutes to get him to stop. Maybe he slept on the wrong side and woke up in anguish. Maybe it was something else. He finally calmed down as i cradled him and told him he was gonna be ok. Amy mentioned that at a few different points throughout the night she awoke to him sitting up and staring at me for long periods of time. It’s like he’s contemplating how to get back at me while I sleep. Creepy. Haha.

The nerve block has finally worn off so he feels a little more like himself, at least to us. Tonight he decided to head down the stairs on his own. He isn’t real sure about the process yet but his bravery abounds. The bathroom situation is back to normal and he is venturing out further from the house. He tends to forget that he has to make it back too.

He has started licking at his front ankle. I’m hoping it is just a little sore from the extra work. Fingers crossed.

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  • dougo1

    The exact same thing happened with cookie. The wailing like a banshee Scared me to death. Took her a minute to calm down. Thank god I think the days of that kind of pain are over. Sounds like Diggs is making good progress and that is fantastic.

    Best wishes from Doug and Cookie

  • tlahaye

    Too many stories here about inadequate pain medication. There aren’t a lot, but one is too many. What medications is Diggs on? Most here have found Gabapentin highly effective. I believe Casey was on 600 mg/day for his first week or ten days, and he weighed 55 pounds as a tripaw.

  • dougo1

    I’m wondering why we didn’t get the gabapentin ?

  • dougo1

    Hi Nick,

    I hope Diggs is doing well. Cookie is 13 days post op and the worst part seems to be over.

    We are wishing You and Diggs a good recovery!

  • benny55

    Yep, checking in on the amazing Diggs!!:-) 🙂

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